The International Society of Physiotherapy Journal Editors

The International Society of Physiotherapy Journal Editors

About Us

The role of the International Society of Physiotherapy Journal Editors (ISPJE) is to:

  • provide a forum to discuss issues related to the publication of physiotherapy journals
  • enhance collaboration (sharing and learning) among physiotherapy journals
  • facilitate improvement in quality of publications within the field of physiotherapy
  • promote physiotherapy publications worldwide

The ISPJE is administered by a Chair and a Secretary. The chair coordinates the activities of the ISPJE and convenes and chairs meetings of members. The secretary keeps minutes of meetings of members and handles correspondence to and from the ISPJE. The normal term for each position is 4 years, with a 2-year overlap. For details of the current officers, see the Contact Details section of this webpage.

History: Rob Herbert first proposed the idea of the ISPJE at the World Congress of Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress in Vancouver in 2007. Later that year, an online vote was conducted. Louise Ada was elected first chair and Rob Herbert was the first secretary.


Membership is open to editors, associate editors, editorial board members and past editors of journals that publish material related to physiotherapy. These journals should be associated with a physiotherapy association or have physiotherapists as the majority of their subscribers. If you wish to become a member of the ISPJE, please download this Membership Application Form, complete the form with your details, and email the form to the ISPJE Secretary at

Contact Details

The primary contact for correspondence with the ISPJE is the current Secretary, Rafael Zambelli Pinto:

The current Chair of the ISPJE is Arianne Verhagen:


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Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)
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